Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Sanctuary of Line

In the year 1991, I worked on Meshes of an Ineffable Sanctuary, a digital piece, which won the Mayor of Hiroshima Prize the following year in a student competition, The Bridge to Hiroshima.

I took this nod among others as a sign towards validation of my endeavors — which later led me to see possibilities for myself and my sensibility through Japanese idioms.

The drawings at the top of this page are rendered on Japanese media which are normally used to write poetry. My drawings are manifested by phenomena and subtleties that have impacted my thinking, where I have come to see line as a sanctuary — a pointing that modulates itself as well as requires modulation which in turn leads to knowing. That sense of knowing is in itself a sanctuary and knowing via drawing is truly a priviledge. Drawing, in a sense is about working with time and revelling in ones passage as traversed without any attempt to control it.

Drawings from left to right: Biomorphic déjà vu I-III, Lonespace

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