Monday, March 14, 2011

Onsen Musings: Agendas and lived aesthetics

We are often approached by individuals with their agendas which sometimes overlap our focus and path but more often do not. Yet it behooves us to hold them in regard, although one may only hope but cannot have steadfast expectations that the same will be accorded to us.

Its worth noting what Max Siegel with G. F.Lichtenberg write in Know What Makes Them Tick, about someone making us feel uncomfortable — at which point it helps to ask oneself whether what bothers us would be different if it was done/ asked in a “different way or in a different situation.” Is it possible for the other to benefit from the ways in which we are different, as also the way we see the world.

Further, as pointed out in Know What Makes Them Tick, in love opposites attract, but in business opposites tend to shy away/ resist. Rank opportunism pushes banality to the fore and obliterates or perhaps blunts ones perspective to see mutual benefit and allowing things to flourish within a genuinely worthy framework. A tepid lived aesthetic as also an absolute lack of personal ethics also play out as a part and parcel of such agendas; dovetailing often with aggrandizement.

Know What Makes Them Tick: How to Successfully Negotiate Almost Any Situation / Max Siegel with G. F.Lichtenberg. Harper, 2010.

Drawing: Onsen Musings 06

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