Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Forbearance is a virtue, which even if practiced as an offshoot of cultural Christianity — will be tested by the pricks (that segment comprising the worst among women; and I know some fine women), and the bitches (that breed of quasi-cerebral emasculated males). So?! One may but hold ones head high. In the meanwhile you will count pigs as your friends and may find equanimity. A tall order, but considering whats on tap — it behooves one to stay the course.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A venomous state of Being

Jiski fitrat hi dassna ho to wo dasséga, mat socha kar.
--Antra, Tanha Tanha Mat Sochar kar, Mehdi Hassan ke ghazal se

If its in ones nature to be venomous--"it" could attack at any moment, so
why waste much thought over "it."
--Opening from the ghazal Tanha Tanha Mat Sochar kar by Mehdi Hassan

in Konkani:
Zecho bes zaun assa viisecho, zalear gans pois na, tor ten chintim
(In those of venomous character, the bite/strike is not far behind, so
don't consider them--leave them alone) --Survat chi olli Mehdi Hassanachem
ghazalatun Tanha Tanha Mat Sochar kar

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Realization: Education

I came to a realization today, that I am tremendously fortunate not to have studied with certain teachers, and also fortunate to have studied with some serious sycophants. Needless to say, one learnt a lot that I did not have to. The egalitarian approach was not taught, but was a gift. So no need for pitiful strategies.

Having somehow managed to stay on my path--as it has unfolded, paying all tolls along the way (toll naka, toll "junction"[tollbooth]), I can only say that I am still walking the walk.