Friday, March 4, 2011

Manuring and Stroking

It is something to see the manner in which people I know consume news--many of whom are in media! Yet, these same people are constantly negotiating interactions on a profoundly crass level — seeing themselves as analytical, yet also stating that they are not the quickest of thinkers, often misunderstanding simple words, terms and interactions; offering up excuses for quality of writing — which they see as inadequate, and worse--those who are in broadcast; having issues with simple social terms (!!!); as also a reticence to stand with, put out, and promulgate work by artists, poets, etc., while also maintaining a lackadaisical take, in any case being aesthetically tepid culture vultures, and cultural arbitrators.

Before we go further — lets be clear that this is about observed phenomena which directly rears uncouthly in front of ones lived aesthetics and ethics. The intent here is to consider and be aware of tribal consciousness and rank opportunism. This is not about tribes as we know -- Indian, Native American, those in South America.

On the other end, there are others who know me, and are ensconced in corporations, holding posts that bring in a lot to their tables and almirahs (or banks). As always genuine power to these beings and their lives.These characters incessantly talk about sharing, opening doors of perception, eyes, someones gray matter to other matters. All this without a whiff of: Hey, lets talk about funding this or that. Basically the idea being: Imagine we are giving you an audience that you can impress (I know you can--and you will get a kick out of it. I tell you this!), and disseminate your gnyan (knowledge). I think: Well is that the way you see it generally or are you carrying an outdated picture in your mind? Is this an offering for the Legion of Mary kids or some impoverished child welfare society.

Which brings us to: Well, are you not going to bite. No. No!? Why not, and I thought you were an artist — interested in community, being egalitarian, one who shared in good spirit. Yet they will not do their homework or show a willingness to learn. I surmise its on account of what they see as worth their while--having given themselves the time to see if this, that and the other in their parlance makes it in the manner they subscribe to notions of success. All this is good, in fact laudable in the way people shape their lives; and worth pointing out too.

As I was asked recently: What good is what I do if I do not share my work, ideas and artistic labor. It caught me unawares — to think how this person could peg me without having any clue of my life and its trajectory. This considering the fact that its in the open that I critique, advice students, and interact with individuals of varying dispositions, interests and skills. But is this another way where a tribal consciousness and rank opportunism – takes issue with talent and focus: when one is simply living ones life. At least get to understand ones path. Would it help such a boor if I rendered some hurt unto it! Would that be a way of them then feeling needed?!

Others--born to the manor take comfort in their opportunistic acumen, and indeed villainy to pronounce on matters of success without quite spelling out what is it that they are willing to offer other than presumably a haze of some legacy. All this regardless of salvaging any ethical principles, and never a concern for who the other is, other than believing that one has absorbed all there is. Middlemen all; crude, and mean ones. The notion of these cultural darwans (doormen) is to shine light upon ones being and endeavors on their terms while hoping that you will consent to take the bulbous contraption along with the accompanying mask with you when your spirit ceases. or should that be the spirit being sized and seized.

And I presume too, that they go to their asylums and stroke their tailbones.
Drawing inspired by Indra Sinha's Animal

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