Thursday, August 22, 2013

Satyagraha and Being

Satya+agraha. The insistence on truth, a belief that I will never abandon. It may perhaps sound hokey, but the embrace is real. So, as we approach the midnight hour, tomorrow Aug 23 being a new day—for me, the day I will become an American citizen. Have no irrational nor extrapolated fears about me losing my Indian being—that evolved existence will not be eclipsed nor compromised. Yet, I will owe allegiance to the United States of America (the U.S.A). The yakshas and yakshis, the apsaras, the dhoots, and among other entities the devas will not be rejecting me, and neither I them at 8:30 tomorrow morning, nor shall I my composite Indian composite being. In my case how could that possibly happen? I know that many of my Indian pals do not like to hear such thoughts, and that is good since now we can keep looking at each other from separate shore. Or as the Heart Sutra puts it: Gate gate para gate Parasam gate Bodhi Svaha!