Sunday, July 31, 2011

Barricading oneself

There is a saying in Konkani, “Kednaim zomnir’lo fattor uthon toklear podd’ta.” Sometimes the stone (lying) on the ground raises itself and lands/falls on ones head! I see it also as an apt analogy for one form of resentment — the inability to celebrate another being as also the fruits of that journey. In essence not celebrating ones own existence; its awareness being clouded by concerns and the setting up of conditions (barricading oneself) predicated by narrow sense of being, spirit, and self. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Alacrity of Being

One often hears about life being a two way street, suggesting that mutuality in various forms is to be esteemed. However, such alacrity of being is rarely the case, even from those who profess notions of dharma and karma—albeit within intense cultural etudes. So what leads to going after ever more larger slices of the pie. The pie, or laddoo for that matter is large enough for all, and will always be.

What is small is the footprint of our existential reasoning. Hence the street turning into a one way street, where the only option remains that of saluting the feudal detritus moving directly upon ones being. Of course such is not acceptable. In the meanwhile the appetites of even those whom one admired has mushroomed, continues, and apparently shows no signs of abatement. Yesterdays apparitions, along with their transactional libidos have been manifested into the widest gamut of successes. But still the transactional element that makes one human (or is this some quaint notion) is expected for oneself, but not accorded towards the other. Of course every interaction has its place. We know that. Small victories in ones limited sphere are regarded sullenly, as though in spite of all dharmic dimensions and possibilities—one is claiming more of that karmic pie! Again one respects as is only fitting in the culture I was raised within.  

Even the most fake among us have their place and are respected by someone dear, if not by the many whose lives they impact. They too must have our respect, not in the way they expect obeisance and being fawned upon, but an accord within the precincts of their own dharma. Indeed, this is very becoming of the ideas that regards one an Indian.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Manifest gain?

What is it about certain people who come through/towards you/for you, although one cannot say they came through, when one did not even think or expect anything from them/through them, or thought that X, or Y should/or even could do something for you. Of course it counts that they give of themselves, and it must be seen of/in larger spirit. That has been my lot recently—towards manifest gain really, as also a clarity in the the cloudy impermeability of existence. Yugen anyone?