Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Inscription on a painting by Chi'i Pai Shih

Inscription by Chi’i Pai Shih on a picture of Narcissus and Stone of Grotesque shape (in Chi’i Pai Shih, by T. C. Lai)
The stone is grotesque like a monkey,
The narcissus is unfeeling like ice.
The artist has the heart of a monk
Having broken the world’s chains.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How line moves through space

How does a line move through space? As I see it, in Drawing for a line to move something has to impact you, essentially move you. A line fertilizes space. To consider but a few agents of motivation, a line may be compelled, impelled, or propelled to interact with space and shape it. Intent is primary since it imparts impetus and furthermore a meaningful trajectory to the line. Ergo, we are moved by a sensorial experience, the line manifests, it moves, we are further moved by its substantiation. When we see a line move as in dance, a gesture, a leap, a tendu, we are fluidly swayed.

Lines represent themselves as well as the intent instilled in them as they move through space, shear it, penetrate it, fecundate it, vitalize it, enamor it/us. It is the shaping line moving though space that shapes our mind, relays meaning, conveys an essense of something which in turn extends/unfurls/amplifies our mind.

image: On/In/Of Sympathetic, Apathetic and Pathetic Spaces: 5:11