Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reading Meaning and "Greatness" of any Art rooted in Religion, in terms of collective consciousness

The Meaning and Greatness of Christian Art by R.J. Rushdoony, at the link below is well worth a read. In a similar vein Hindus and others should consider putting out thoughts on shall we say "The Meaning and Greatness of Hindu Art (leading into contemporaneity), art from a Hindu awareness, or the lived aesthetic through INDIAN art." However, my concerns are Goacentric.

I am at least 15 years away from writing from/for the Hindu side; ie., of course, if no one else does (it is very difficult needless to say), or my interests change even further, and if I do not completely move into oblivion. Part of it is also that I am not a scholar, in the way I understand that form of knowing, and do not wish even a quarter-baked scholar to consider going after me. There are better things to do with ones time. One need more methodology to include of course the qualitative.

But I trust that the progeny of the mahants, our erudite litterateurs both Hindus and Christians, also of assorted high-profile businessman and scholars will rectify the paucity of expressive texts connecting the visual to the spiritual, to the existential, and to lived aesthetics.

Read John Berger's
Ways of Seein; Art and Revolution: Ernst Neizvestny, Endurance, and the Role of the Artist, as also Ben Shahn's The Shape of Content, as eloquent texts in forming understanding.

The Meaning and Greatness of Christian Art
© 1993 by R.J. Rushdoony

Art is the making well, or properly arranging, of anything whatever that needs to be arranged

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