Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Lost Supper

Sorvespor kitlo boro, tacho mae mog shim naslolo
Sorvespor kitlo boro, tacho mae mog shim naslolo

The Dhanapati (Dhonia, also Good Shepherd [Dhangar]) in this case is the Aam Admi (Common Man) presiding at the Lost Supper---in that cartoon sitting in the the place of Jesus, who presided at the Last Supper. To me this Lost Supper is a meal of missed opportunity, where the Politicians are not loosing a moment to take it in. It is as though this is their last meal with the Aam Aadmi and what they do henceforth will be done in memory of him--of the Aam Admi. That the common man is dead, or quite so--or so it is desired. Manmohan Singh is in his blue turban (as in Hail to the UN) is there as are all the Ballbusters. Perhaps Montek was serving wine.

Christians--of all degrees and digressions, including nonchalants, etc., should have crossed themselves, with knowing smiles--that the basic idea of the Last Supper was being HANDILY and effectively employed by an Indian cartoonist to parody Indian Politicians. Perhaps, we do not wish to see, seek or do not want to get the basic underpinnings of what that line of thinking can do to our Spirits, Spines, and SHIT (help get it all together). The apostles too had their own problems. They were not the strongest folks in town at that table, but this is also not about them either.

If I was a Bishop, I would give this cartoonist an award OR have him talk at a convention on Iconography. That would have turned some tables, heads, how about minds, and yes help people see the COVENANT that a Christian presumably carries within ones being (which is respected by the very many, including non-Christians).

The Times of India newspaper in my opinion did not cave in, meaning thats not a cave in--although it appears so. Imagine at least in Goa people ignoring the paper; that would not be cool for TOI. On the contrary, I believe it meant nothing for them to apologize. This apology is not a double standard vis-a-vis MF Hussian, other pariahs, social lepers, etc., who have hurt the sentiments of other communities--as many see it and say so. The difference in the Lost Supper is that there is nothing that should have offended the most holier than thou Christian. Other than, seeing the general contours of an image in a different light. HAVING SAID THAT, I have more than a faint feeling that it could be only recently that the large number of Indian Christians, MAY have seen the Da Vinci'd Last Supper, the real one This was a sentimental cry for an apology. Apologies are strategic positions taken/rendered by those who wish to avoid the possibility of loosing something further down. They are perhaps laughing their brains out at the Christians and the hierarchy--Dum vivimus, vivamus** (**Lets live while we live [[but in the wrong poverty of spirit]]).

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