Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Births and rebirths

My illustration for So, you’re birthing a book!, by Gouri Dange in HIMAL Southasian, Nepal - May 11 2011. The idea being the ferocity with which books are birthed or produced in South Asia. Any and everyone wishes to have their book see print. Towards that end this illustration attempts to reflect the pandemonium of the process seen through a frenetic machine going full steam.  

When work gets selected to appear on a stringently judged site, on a blog, or in a book, the doer can only but take solace in that they are walking with some of the best. For those like me who have seen many rejections on account of certain vagaries, any acceptance sheds light anew to keep going — facing, and accepting the roads ahead. I also believe that no one is doling out favors; and such nods could influence or create a favorable impression in the mind of some other. C’est la vie.

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