Sunday, July 28, 2013

Schemas, scheming and placating ones inner lemming

Frank Schneider as Gregor Samsa, at LaMama Etc., NY green roon.
photo: Sean Sullivan  body paint: Venantius J Pinto

Why is it uncommon for individuals to smile when they encounter another say in workplaces—depressingly, a de facto place of worship one might add in the times we are in. These individuals too often superiors, in positions of leadership and stewardship surely have nothing to lose. Of course, other than running around with some heady confusions written on the slates of their minds. Could it be just perhaps ensconced as they are in the haze of multitasking—that a smile could just cause their day to shatter? Just perhaps. Still, how could one shatter the tool that they are? 

But it appears that humor aids in hiding the extent of scheming resorted to by those who cannot but help themselves deploy their schemes? So could it be that they see a smile as an investment which they’d rather not be flashing around. other than being amiable in those moments when standing face-to-face. A self-hypnotic sleight in a compendium of mind-numbing states. And to add to the above, being highly aware is a quality very much in their pouch of talents! So I am all confused then. Do spare me any further ignominy.

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