Saturday, July 27, 2013

Awesoming is the new Auming ॐing

Awesome, said one of them and promptly proceeded to toast my gray matter. Once again the synapses held. It must be that I am now better able to parry their thrusts. Indeed, being the ward that I am of some very old souls, I must not come across as complaining. 

While so many hope to have a job, and others struggle to hold  theirs—individuals who lack personhood, redolent as a swarm of locusts keep lacerating even the more grounded sensibilities, by diminishing anything brought to the commons: talent, skills, virtues, even respect. Thereby they satiate their bloodlust, acquire their pound of flesh! A win in their minds, a high of their senses. Well, you get to pick up your pieces, dust off yourself, and hope for a quieter span of time.

They could well have been saying Aum [ ॐ ]—welcome to the Gods, when saying Awesome/ Awesum, to mean in my parlance: welcome to us Goaders. We cannot help but want to know whether we hurt you enough. Goad comes from the Old English word gád, and was first recorded in 725 CE as the word “gaad.” Of Peace-Weavers (from Old English freodu-webbe) there are fewer and fewer of them. Beowulf anyone? 

So, should I keep cherishing the thought of meeting a Brünhilde? A Gudrun perhaps, or should I perfect suffering fools gladly? 

photo: Cecilia Castelino

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