Sunday, April 28, 2013

Petits bourgeois naïfs (or, Of callow propositions and schemata)

Sundry Sunday thought (April 28, MMXIII):
In India it is a summarily “chalta hai”** towards any concern that is raised about methodology, process; heck, quality assurance, or any process. Here, in my US ambit as also quite vast experience, it has been the summarily dismissive: whatever; I don’t care; and, the indelicate—in your face: “Is it bad to say I don’t care,” more often delivered in the most naïf manner (way)—an attitude in itself.

Anagrams for naif: fain, an if! Archaic though it may be—fain is synonymous with happily, and gladsome / ness.
**from Hindi, chalta hai: ’twill do (nothing more needs to be done / delivered), (it) will suffice,…

**whatever: a. just get it done sans concerns / precise questions. 
b. I don’t care: just deal with it. Additionally, ** and get it into your head that you are alone in this

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