Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stains on the wall, or who flung dung

Dancers falling, La Guardia Perf. Arts, NY
Its strange — the sense of entitlement a marriage can bring to a young persons mind; and appears too often to dovetail with a belief of being owed a career. You better contribute to that notion by making life convenient for their consuming selves or else…
Fittingly? His mind sees it as a piece of cake. So, said he: still!… at it? Like: you must be dimwitted — ergo dropped the ball. And to my being, my mind delivered a message: steel yourself, yet not use the blade. Maintain the edge, dull you are not; a dullard you will never be.
And what to make of those steeped in the lackadaisical? Teach them? Perhaps the shock of a slap may just revert them to the presence of the beam in their eye. One teaches those who yearn, to do things right. How does one get someone to overcome their shortcomings towards learning to help themselves — those who obfuscate meaning!

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