Monday, August 6, 2012

Being one with oneself

I am a professional at a few things, but that does not mean I want to do what you think I should do — to satisfy your sense of being. For that get another professional who will take orders, which is indeed what we are trained to do. But do not expect to straightjacket me to have your way. Just perhaps consider a collaboration. As to why this thought surfaces, look up what ‘to collaborate’ means, and also remember that there are many kinds of collaborations. Affix those meanings in the mind, and ask if unsure. 

Clarify. Then realize, that you stand to get something way different, not simply something out of the way, as in a project wrapped up. Ergo, the desire to avoid being used on inane projects, with all parameters off kilter; and the reason one may come across as reticent. Not because one remotely imagines oneself as a prima donna or a primo uomo, but one has been proverbially balancing on pointe — walks on ones owns path, and cannot appeared flat footed now nor self-effacing. Really and why? Look at yourself for starters.

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