Saturday, August 11, 2012

“Unknown knowns”…

There is nothing like being recommended for work, a project, a collaboration, or a mingling of minds. When it does happen, it says something about a few things:  including that one is not simply aging well or otherwise, within the cast shadows of unknown knowns (Žižek).

Expiatory Sutra I, sec. 11-11. MMVII. Moleskine Japanese accordion. 31 panels (each 9 x 14 cm (3½ x 5½"), including back of front cover.

Expiatory Sutra I & II are a collaboration between Mo Riza and Venantius. We simultaneously each began working in a Japanese Accordion Moleskine, starting the thread–very much as in an exquisite corpse. Expiatory Sutra I was begun by Mo, and was passed between him and Venantius; an exploratory dynamic which they wish to continue. The last exchange was on January 4th, MMVII, which incidentally was Mo’s birthday, at Veselka, East Village, NYC.

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