Thursday, November 24, 2011

Having your ace and eating it too


Nothing worse than being regarded as an ace in the hole. Basically, being set up to be  manipulated instance by instance, among the many when your guard is lowered. The reasons ranging from living with certain values—a belief in goodness, compassion, grace, even the graciousness in permitting the other to tell you what you mean to them—although nothing of recent vintage will be offered to back up those acclamations of praise, gushed out in uneven breaths. Something is amiss, and it is not rediscovering affections raised by old memories; it is the realization that their worlds are incomplete. Jealousies too: that others are walking upon paths which they themselves have ignored. 

Some need has surfaced and their sights are set. Furthermore, no cordiality; warmth; affability; nor reciprocity, even if only to mask/soften selfish reasons. All such is anathema, as one very politically aware activist individual who years ago displayed fangs when I mentioned the congruity to be courteous/show courtesy. 

But all this matters not in the back stroking world, yet every attempt is made to commandeer anybody from outside, of qualities lacking within their fawning fraternity! The belief is that there is always someone who will stroke the most coarse backs. The idea is simply—that whatever you have is something that can be capitalized on, albeit projected as: you too can gain something. Essentially about owning/being owned: feudalism. 

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