Monday, October 31, 2011

OK, its Halloween!

Earlier today, I was talking to Jocelyn, a friend of ours, who told me that she was born in a cemetery in Port au Prince, Haiti! There was no ambulance to be found at 2 am, so her mother, father, the grandmother and the maid began walking to get to L’Hospital Generale. Jocelyn’s mother was ready to deliver; and the only place close by was in the cemetery which was on the way down the mountain leading to the city. So, there is this entity/spirit Baron Samedi, Le Maître du cimetière (The Master of the cemetery). His presence is seen as light passing as a flash. So when Jocelyn was being delivered herfolks saw Baron Samedi passing by. As many Haitains have told her: Fille. vous êtes protégé. Vous êtes sous la protection de Baron Samedi.

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