Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flank attacks :: Young turks

As we get into our 50s, even mid 40s it helps to remember that the younger generation will often impetuously open flank attacks as a way of showcasing their presence and sense of knowing. Often it will be on issues which they have not bothered to engage with at a deeper concerted level, and that too when the privilege was graciously accorded to them (no ifs, ands and buts here). So it behooves us to step back, not introduce complexity -- since in the first place it is the uncommon, or esoteric that displaces them. This happens less with those who have sustained intellectual curiosity and are willing to go on a journey where learning matters. In talking this approach, one keeps oneself relatively intact as also ready to respond in and towards a cognizant awareness.

Image: Detail of We do not come by our Thoughts; They come to us: 6

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