Saturday, April 9, 2011

Economic crimes and distancing

"China's foreign ministry has confirmed that police are investigating artist Ai Weiwei for suspected economic crimes."

The term "economic crimes", I presume it has been translated correctly: points to exactly where a country, its leaders, its people stand to get affected -- all in all, in all certainlty -- in different ways. Political strategy and philosphy (including the ancient, and that too very conveniently) is applied to maintain hierarchies and distancing. Such terms lay bare the paucity and yet the power contained in language in different hands and utterances - something that has not be done quite so bluntly in the West.

Being charaterized as an avatar of things to come is what is prescient here -- ones acts, actions, lived aesthetics that jeopardize -- status quos'. My motherland (for all realities a gender unto itself) wears out its people, others take theirs out -- make attempts to dispossess body, mind and spirit/ soul (yes this is it); while yet others make you ambivalent about who you are, what you could be, how do you maintain cohesion -- and the process accelerates.

On 8 April, at about 9.40am or so Anna Hazare unpon breaking his fast at Jantaar Mantar, ( “I fought for 10 years for the Right to Information Act. When it was enacted, it helped in the decentralisation of the power. The British centralized all laws. They said people should abide by the laws; the government would implement the laws. Whereas, the Right to Information Act says the government should abide by the laws, people would oversee their implementation.

“You see, the CBI, the Vigilance Commission, the Lokpal—all the agencies that are meant to curb corruption are under the control of the state. The CBI has so far inquired into many corruption cases. Did they send any minister to jail? Did any IAS or IPS officer go to jail?

“Because, if anyone tried to do that, the government would warn them, shut your mouth. Otherwise your shop will be shut."

Image: Detail of We do not come by our Thoughts; They come to us: 4

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