Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three verses by Mumon from the Mumonkan

無門關, (Mandarin, Wúménguān)
無門関, (Japanese, Mumonkan)

The Mumonkan is a collection of 48 koans compiled in the early 13th century by Hui-k’ai
(無門慧開), the Chinese Zen master; known in Japanese as Mumon Ekai.

Case 23 Think Neither Good Nor Evil
You cannot describe it; you cannot picture it;
You cannot admire it; don't try to eat it raw.
Your true self has nowhere to hide;
When the world is destroyed, it is not destroyed.

Case 21 Ummon’s “Kanshiketsu”
Lightning flashing,
Sparks shooting;
A moment's blinking,
Missed forever,

Case 24 Faketsu’s Speech and Silence
He does not use a refined phrase;
Before speaking, he has already handed it over.
If you chatter on and on,
You will find you have lost your way.

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