Saturday, March 27, 2010

Being in contemporaneity, or Existing in the existential while balancing on pointe

The spirit is the compelling force from within that exudes to the outside. In one who settles or walks seeking a spiritual path, or regards a chosen path as being a course of action for ones spirituality—the spirit will manifest itself, although it does not simply materialize; nor does it show up to make the notion any more real. The notion has to be one of surrender, acceptance, a commitment.

Most of what we do is for ourselves. It could be our personal practices as in a Way which we practice. In time we begin to see, or must hope to see our practices as larger than ourselves, yet nothing more nor less than what we thought at first. When our eyes set themselves on something beautiful the muscles essentially relax although they pulse. All is movement. When and if we see the sublime, our body tautens, the sight evokes awe and fear, even if be a tinge of facing the unknown. In both these situations, or if one was blessed by such experiences the solitary would perhaps stay in equanimity. One cannot decide to be so. Ones being has become such or has to become such. To stay in equanimity is to stare at what time places in front of us, what it subjects us to. Not stare as in gawk, but stare as in commune, in realizing that you are a part of infinitude, and are ready to accept the charge handed to you, even if that means knowing that ones time will cease, and yet not cease. One may be a long way off from realizing this, but its is in our bones. My purpose is to hold hands, and in the rare case to break them, although I shy from the latter.

We are, “a by-product,” as a good friend of mine says “of a lot of productivity”—of productive energy on the part of many others. The spirit is the shield and pointing towards salvation. This may come across as a very Semitic notion. I see it a little differently; as available to all. We must commit ourselves. Not to die, but an acceptance to what lies ahead and around; so in that sense committing to death. Much like being in the center of centers. You are not seeking death, but seeking your nature. Seeking who you are. Being one with the light as it shines upon you, as it awakens you, as it awakens us to awareness.

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