Friday, February 26, 2010

Sugar's Bitter Policies by Kobad Gandhy

Sugar's Bitter Policies, written at Tihar by Kobad Gandhy; and pub. in Mainstream Weekly. While we are modernizing it helps to understand what exactly is happening. While designers design and happily thrive in every new discover, design awareness; what designs do governments and business—local, state and Corporates have in mind for its people. What schemes are been passed on as change? Who wins and who looses, and what does it all mean in terms of ones Self, Being, Atman? What are ones responsibilities. An extrapolated and fair question would be, for instance—what responsibility does a teacher have towards ones students. Its all about being aware and making correct analogies.

I doubt anyone would think the following excerpt from Kobad Gandhy's Sugar's Bitter Policies, does not make common sense any more plainer. The following piece is really about consciousness and awareness.
One would have thought, given the free-market mantra of the rulers, that high sugar prices would at least convert into higher prices for the producers—the fifty million sugarcane farmers. But that was not to be; the so-called free market functions only to benefit big business, traders and politicians. In this case both the producers and consumers are being crushed by the cane and sugar pricing policies of the government dictated by the millers and international sugar cartels.

The following article on the present rise in prices of sugar has been written by Kobad Ghandy, the CPI (Maoist) leader now lodged in Ward No. 8 of Tihar Jail No. 3. Though suffering from prostrate cancer and incarcerated in prison he retains an alert mind as is reflected in the following
article sent specially for publication in this journal.

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