Thursday, October 17, 2013

Calligraphy reveals the person! Really and who says what?!

The point of concern as said and stemming from Chinese calligraphy is that: Calligraphy reveals the person/individual. That being accepted as truth, what I am saying is that, that realization cannot possibly be realized/comprehended by any and everybody. Such awareness only comes to certain individuals, and not necessarily those who practice any form of calligraphy.

Furthermore, I am not saying that I have the ability to discern how to see, or worse judge an individual by their calligraphy; and aside from that, I am not talking about myself or even remotely interjecting myself into any of this. These are specific distinctions.  Essentially the rupture on my part is to not make it simple for anyone to run with the maxim that Calligraphy reveals the person, and proclaim it in a cavalier manner. To even embrace that idea the mind has to be able to see, contemplate, examine as also adjudicate various aspects of any skill at shaping letterforms at deeper planes.

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