Thursday, June 20, 2013

Monsoon Majja MMXII

The monsoons are a big event in India. They help raise spirits. and minds, besides bringing much needed rains to the parched earth. India rises and falls on the timely onset of the monsoon season. For the past many years my mates at JJ Applied, Mumbai, including the seniors have made it a point to hold an annual meet. A get-together—to greet, reminiscence and party. I have not managed to attend one, but I believe they are loads of fun. 

This poster is a small commemoration—my contribution to event. We are alumni of the Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art. Mazza, means fun. I have played off the Roman numeral MMXIII (2013), cascading to suggest rain. The text in Devnagiri Amhi Sagle JJ, means: We are (all) JJ (ites).

Btw, Rudyard Kipling was born in the Deans Bungalow which is on the campus. His father Lockwood Kipling was the Professor of Architectural Sculpture at the Jamshedjee Jeejeebhoy School of Art, which is on the same small campus.

Best all.

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