Saturday, November 10, 2012

Windows and falling stones

Vigilant Eye
A swarm of projectiles arching across still skies knifed with wispy streaks of crimson, hurtling from shadowed otoshis* set on high enclaves, on a metropolis inked in an indigo of senseless motions — mirage of uncertainty; yet its own reality, whose afflictions it attempts to survive through a solid geometry of shodo rhythms: firmly imprinting marks on the fate inherited from the patriarchs and patrimony of advanced capitalism. 

* ishi otoshi 石落し(stone throwing windows)

I wrote this small text in 2005 when I was at the Nagasawa Art Park Artist-in-in-Resident program, in Awajishima, Japan. The year before, in 2004 Cecilia and I encountered the Hakamagoshi – 袴腰型 at Himeji castle (姫路城, Himeji-jō)My concerns for the longest time have been about religion, sexuality and consciousness — of course situated as we all are within a capitalist mode of existence. These brief reflections will someday make it into a design book.

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