Friday, January 6, 2012

Shunning the Shine

We are all different yet at times conveniently presume we are all the same, uttering platitudes to elevate our selves while massaging in conceit. We hear the same words differently, as said by different people; are easily impressed; as also, easily turned off; besides being quick to think one has understood intended meanings. We are not talking of painting here. Basically, many of us live in conservative worlds with conservative concerns; but, in no way relating to anything close to a liberal, progressive, or other egalitarian mode of being. 

John the Baptist and Venantius in front of 
the Ohara Museum of Art, Kurashiki, Japan 2011
Thanks to Sylvain Guintard’s (Kuban) 
suggestion, I made it to Kurashiki. 
We would like to shun those who hurt us, but more often than not are unable to hold accountable those who assault our sense and sensibility. That goes for remaining silent when ones environment is torn asunder — the spine of lived reality kicked in. One is not talking of simply feeling offended but committing offences which only serves (hardly inadvertent) the offenders, whose trope is to harangue at the cost of clamouring to tell the truth. There is a cost, and they know it. By lived environment, one refers to the relationships between people and place. To clarify further, and beyond the usual — office, play environments, home, children, public spaces--and others more complex — relational, one must look at relationships with institutions — the larger Church, the Church at large, as also within such paradigms, at the humble cog (as perceived), the humble cure of souls, the Parish Priest.

Perhaps this already is too much said. 

NOTE: I follow these things and share them in a general sense--much as I may mention a shloka, a proverb, a text, or a movie. There is a reason for someone engaged closely with art to do certain things in specific ways, without spelling it out. Tracing contours. Sharing process. Unfortunately, not many like to attempt an engagement: so take my word, leave it, or disparage it. It all works. 

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