Monday, December 5, 2011

What is Drawing? Towards wholeness…

Drawing though the agency of line is a vehicle to express emotion: implied or explicit, however fragmented the sensation received from the subject, which gets formulated into consciousness upon contemplation. The outpouring consciousness from the experience seeks expression in its own way, through marks: uneven, thick, thin, curved, jagged, rolling, reluctant or swift lines articulating a particular emotion where the line makes the layers of emotion whole. The experience is memorized as real and the drawing surface harmonizes into a whole; in unity with one’s reality.
To engage with thoughts, and those of others
a larger consciousness. Sympathetic space.
The why of things, occurrences, stirrings, evocations,
the space between one's legs, a visage, the tilt of a head,
Spaces that certain people simply seem to inhabit.

(excerpted from my unpublished essay Speculatio through Drawing. 2011)

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