Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Ivo Coelho said...

congrats venny. utterly fascinating... keep going. even when the responses are tepid. when you see differently, what else can the responses be.

how is it that HImal decided to do this piece? what kind of mag is it? courageous anyway.

i love the way you let all your identities or layers emerge and disappear... revealing and concealing.

Xavier Dias said...

Got to learn a lot about this stuff. In short I am ignorant about this but want to learn.

Elvita said...

Venantius, this work is so unique and exciting! Your Japanese seals really bring out who you are and your journey, much more than the words, at times. I hope to see this in print.

VM said...

intriguing, powerful. I related to this work a lot. thanks for sharing.

mel strawn said...

A few comments: the flowing liquidity, including the wet media and brush with rich tonal range and movements qualify it all as alive and rich. I especially enjoyed the enso hovering over the meditating robed figure-like the Christian halo-and that flanked by the Sidham column. (I dont write it, but know it from John Stevens "Sacred Calligraphy of the East". And, finally, your narrative is engaging and invites one to internalize it with great empathy. Good writing! Might we all enter a personal diaspora from our old,worried selves to what we could become. The shaman dies to become one. We need the courage to emerge from our restricted selves to an inner freedom-and challenge.

sevi said...

hi venantius, i didnt know you had a blog, am very glad i came across it :) meantime i bought the illustrated life book, and seeing you and your work there was WONDERFUL!! great works! take good care :) sevi

Venantius said...

@ Ivo: Himal is based in Nepal. I contributed towards firming up their visual identity in 1997 with a cover on Maoist Insurgencies. Working with/for them had helped me see political issues at a deeper level.

@ Xavier: This is my little story about contemplating changes and what that could mean. If there is anything particular here that you'd like to know about do ask. I will to respond.

@ Elvita: Appreciate your making that observation. This year promises shaping of some new approaches.

@ VM: Thank you.

@ Mel: Much appreciation for stopping by and for noticing the juxtapositions -- halo et al. I am writing a couple more pieces--all connected to the tugs and pulls of our semantic selves.

@ Sevi: Its been a while. A splendid surprise. I tried to get in touch with you around Apr-May of last year. Well, this is a baby blog--which just may gain momentum. Do say hi to Bas.