Friday, September 10, 2010

A venomous state of Being

Jiski fitrat hi dassna ho to wo dasséga, mat socha kar.
--Antra, Tanha Tanha Mat Sochar kar, Mehdi Hassan ke ghazal se

If its in ones nature to be venomous--"it" could attack at any moment, so
why waste much thought over "it."
--Opening from the ghazal Tanha Tanha Mat Sochar kar by Mehdi Hassan

in Konkani:
Zecho bes zaun assa viisecho, zalear gans pois na, tor ten chintim
(In those of venomous character, the bite/strike is not far behind, so
don't consider them--leave them alone) --Survat chi olli Mehdi Hassanachem
ghazalatun Tanha Tanha Mat Sochar kar

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