Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Being and Time

My last note to my co-workers in Interactive at Ogilvy. June 30, MMX.

Hi All,
It has been good being a part of Interactive Design Dept. for the past many years; from the days of 16 color graphics! Working with the UN of Interactive. But, form changes, times change—a kind of shape-shifting, if you will.

from the Isha Upanishad:
“That moves and That moves not; That is far and the same is near;
That is within all this and That also is outside all this.”

Take care all.

venantius j pinto

My coordinates:
venantius.pinto@gmail.com, h phone, anytime: 212 928 3955,
No cell yet : )

Btw, some of my stuff is in this book, which also showcases among others R. Crumb’s books, and Stefan Sagmeister’s concept drawings:

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